Air soft weapons first became popular in Japan as a solution to gun ownership problems. To acquire a gun in Japan, one had to attend many classes and pay a fortune for permit. Due to this, Japanese were then allowed to own an imitation to the real gun. Some of these guns were even capable of firing small plastic pellets at very high speeds. The guns used in air soft war are designed to fire 6 mm BB plastic ammunition. The guns vary in power and are generally not dangerous when used responsibly and accurately. When hit by a pellet, it may cause small marks and sting a bit but when protective clothing is worn the effects are minimized.
Air soft war is now very popular and people love this game of shooting and trying to avoid getting shot. Some places offering attractions provide the necessary land forms that are similar to an actual battlefield consisting of many different objects to serve as cover. Some of the places modify the game to make it more fun for example, substituting plastic pellets for paint balls so that friends are shot with paint instead. No previous knowledge of weapons, training or shooting experience is required to play air soft war.
Here are some steps to playing air soft war:

  1. Set up a target and practice. By doing this you will improve your shooting skills.
  2. Choose a playing area that has many objects that you can dodge behind to avoid getting shot by other players. The area can include trees, large rocks and buildings.
  3. Gather friends who are willing to participate in the game. You can either play solo or you can arrange to have teams.
  4. Cover is the key to winning the game. Throughout the game, try to avoid getting hit as much as possible and you will emerge as the winner.

There are three methods of playing air soft war. They are skirmish, CQB and MilSim.


This is the most common air soft war game. It is played by people love the sport and can take place anywhere the players choose. This could be in an abandoned building, in the woods or on a farm.


CQB means Close Quarters Battle. The main idea is this version of air soft war is for players to play in an enclosed area. This leads to quick action and many surprises. Ideal places where this game can take place are overhead buildings, enclosing walls or stairways. In this form of the game, players are advised to wear extra protective clothing to minimize the effects of close-up shots.


Milsim is the short for Military Simulation. Goals and missions are assigned to teams and they must be accomplished. The players are usually dressed in military suits and the game is played to mimic real military combat. The game usually last for more than one day. Some games take in real gadgets and equipment and even vehicles are sometimes involved.

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